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About Log Store

The Log Store Network decentralizes custom data management.

Disparate and independent systems can depend on Log Store to manage custom data in an entirely trustless and "zero-party" manner. From the point data is published to the network, it becomes immutable, permanently stored, and verifiably tamper-proof. This secures Smart Contracts, on-chain systems, and other applications from compromise by any centralized intermediary.

The implementation of this solution is a decentralized and permissionless time-series database.

Publish atomic event data from any software environment and query data with timestamps.

For an in-depth understanding of the network, research and technology, please refer to the Primer.

Key Functions

  • Data Storage: Log Store's time-series data storage platform is secure and efficient, permitting you to store events emitted from any device.
  • Data Querying: Fetch data from the Log Store with timestamps. All query responses include an additional Consensus header - which is a set of signatures representing the network's verification of the response.

AlphaNet: The first release of the Network

We're thrilled to introduce AlphaNet, the first release of the Log Store Network which uses its own token, LSAN — necessary to enable compatibility with MainNet environments, while giving us the control we need to ensure secure operation of our early alpha software. Stay tuned for updates, and check out the AlphaNet section for more details.

Getting Started

Ready to dive in? By following these steps you’ll be able to participate in our network, store data, and query data:

  1. Mint LSAN Tokens: LSAN tokens are the fundamental fuel that powers the capabilities of Log Store. Start by minting your tokens with MATIC.
  2. Stake LSAN Tokens: Fund the network by staking your LSAN tokens. This staking allows you to store or query data. We use dynamic pricing to ensure fair compensation to the network based on the data services you utilize.
  3. Store and Query Data: Use our interfaces to store and query data as per your application's needs.


Our detailed documentation on SDK, CLI, and API is designed to guide you every step of the way:

  • SDK: With our SDK, you can seamlessly integrate Log Store's capabilities into your software application. You can stake tokens and also store and query data using it.
    Learn more →
  • CLI: The Command-Line Interface (CLI) tool lets you mint and stake LSAN tokens from your terminal.
    Learn more →
  • HTTP API: The HTTP API provides an network interface for interacting with Log Store. It’s ideal for integrating with on-chain applications through Oracle Networks, or Smart Contract platforms compatible with HTTP interfaces.
    Learn more →

About Usher Labs

Usher Labs is decentralizing custom data-driven digital asset management. The goal is to secure the conversion of digital interactions and signals into on-chain outcomes. The Log Store Network is the solution, offering a permanent and secure data store for event data, indexed and query-able by time. Prior to this development, Usher Labs released Usher, its Web3-integrated referral marketing platform - which demonstrates the need for such infrastructure as it involves the redistribution of digital assets between parties engaged in performance-based partnerships.

Learn more about Usher →

Stay Connected

Join our vibrant community on Discord and Twitter. Stay updated, ask questions, share your experiences, and help us build a more robust, efficient, and secure decentralized event/atomic data storage and retrieval ecosystem.